Services Offered

Routine Eye Exams

Routine eye exams allow us to check your complete ocular health, prescribe glasses, and fit contact lenses.

We also offer contact lens ordering at our office. We can ship the lenses directly to you or have them sent to the office for pick up.

Please note that trial contact lens cannot be sent directly to patients, as per manufacturer guidelines.

Medical Exams

If you are having, or suspect you are having, medical issues with your eyes, we offer comprehensive medical examinations to diagnose and treat a wide variety of eye diseases such as uveitis, dry eye, glaucoma, and more. 


Dr. Kalpaxis performs both PRK and LASIK surgeries for patients. Prior to surgery we will perform a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for the surgery and explain the details of the procedure. LASIK and PRK are not covered by insurance; please call to learn more information about pricing.

Other Services

We offer many more services outside of what is listed online, such as chalazion and stye treatment. If there is a service that you are interested in and do not see it listed here, please call our office at 512-346-6421 for more information.